Friday, December 26, 2008

At Midnight My Tummy Hurt

What a lovely Christmas. Jerry and I slept in until almost eleven. A lazy Christmas morning in a comfy warm bed entwined with the warm body of someone you love--it doesn't get much sweeter than that. But we jumped up and packed up and headed over to our friend SueBee's to share Christmas brunch with her. Sue's home is a temple. There are altars in every nook and cranie and it's the perfect reminder that everything is sacred. I love being in her space. I decided to take pictures to document our day so if I can get my camera to cooperate and actually download the pictures I took onto my computer I will share them here. If there are no pics, you'll know what happened.

After brunch we went for a walk to a magic fountain. Sue brought three coins for each of us to make our wishes. I created a fabulous little ritual and incorporated an adapted whirling dervish swirl around the fountain, dancing my intentions as they spiraled out into the universe. It was a gorgeous and sunny day with just enough nip in the air to be refreshing but not leave our noses and ears aching from the cold. Then we walked over to a busy street which really wasn't very busy at all on an early Christmas afternoon. We found a little cement bench to sit on as we waved to passersby. On our way back to Sue's we picked a few lemons from a tree we spotted that was offering us to partake in some of its bounty.

WE chatted and danced around while SueBee prepared a salad to take to some friends for Christmas dinner. Jerry and I headed over to visit my mom at her assisted care home loaded down with sweet treats and nuts which she thoroughly enjoyed and then we head over to Pema's to share the rest of the day. There was a full house at Pema's and just a little drama. I love their family so much and felt honored that we were invited to share the day and dinner with them. It was really special and made my heart so happy. When Jerry and I crawled into bed close to midnight our tummy's hurt.

No pics. I think my camera eat them. I'm sad. There were some good ones too. Really good. One more practice session and letting go of attachment. God dammit! Breathe baby breathe. That's fucking it. I'm going to buy a new camera!

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