Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Are That Thing

Next Saturday I get to go to a small dinner party and see my sweet friend John, along with his wife and some other really wonderful musician/artist friends that I like a whole lot and haven't seen much of lately. I'm thinking of John right now because I was just reading the quote on the little calender he makes and gives out (he delivers them to your doorstep early New Year's Day morning--is that wonderful or what?) for New Year's gifts each year. I love my little calendar and I'm really appreciative that Jerry has taken to turning the pages for us so we don't miss out on our daily inspiration.

The quotes for November 30-Dec 6 says:
We read books, we go on trips-
we are seeking something outside ourselves
when we are that thing.

To achieve a great phrase
To discover a melody unknown to you-
yours or someone else's-no matter.
The formula is simple:
Let it happen--just get out of the way.

Thank you John, that was perfect for me this morning. You are a blessing.

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