Monday, December 1, 2008

The Bitch, The Crone & The Harlot

I'm holding a book called The Bitch, The Crone, and The Harlot--Reclaiming The Magical Feminine in Midlife by Susan Sahachterle. I ordered it from Amazon and Fed Ex just dropped it off on my front porch earlier this evening. I think someone was talking about it at a woman's party I was at recently and it sounded interesting. Here's what it says on the front cover:
"Susan Sahachterle's beautifully written book is not for women only. The powers of The Bitch (personal power used with clarity as a force for good). The Crone (wisdom and insight) and the Harlot (awareness and passion) are in fact universal and part of our human experience." Susan Lawrence, M.D. author of Creating a Healing Society.

Inside the front cover it says:

"The three archetypes represented in this book present a brilliant and empowering vision for the second half of a woman's life. They show that this second half can be a time of ever increasing creativity, wisdom, and passion, and completely revise the old idea that it's all downhill after fifty. For women experiencing the unexpected burst of energy that often surges up at this time, this book is a warm friend, rejoicing with us in the enormous possibilities ahead." Anodia Judith Ph.D. Author of Waking the Global Heart and other books.

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