Sunday, August 3, 2008

A World of Liars

Admit one liar into your heart today.

What is a lie? Falsehoods; withholds; white lies; untruths; half-truths; unspoken words; deceive; inaccuracies; prevarication; fib; speaking with forked tongue; dishonest; breaking an agreement; twist the truth; mislead; not keeping one's word; not following through; misrepresent the facts; cover up; belie; saying what you don't really mean; secrets; adulterate; not creditable; facade; inauthentic; indiscretion; cheat; sugarcoat; broken promises; hide; insincere; unreal; hide; fiction; phony; not communicating; bite your tongue;not seeking understanding; leaving it unsaid; edit; conceal; thievery; lie.

I once heard that a liar is always a thief because they steal another's right to hear the truth.

Do the lies behind me and the lies before me reflect the lies within me?

I have admitted a liar into my life. To be honest, more than one. And I have to admit, I am a liar too. I'll say it again. I am a liar.

Are we all liars? What lies are you telling? What truths are you not telling? Why do we lie even when it separates us from Another, and most of all, from ourselves?

Awareness demands me to ferret out the lies in my life. To fucking stop lying. To live with integrity. To be true to myself. Ego says, "There is a lot to be afraid of. A lot to lose. Lie for your life. Lie to live. Lie to be loved."

It's easy to tell the truth when it's easy but it's when it's difficult that it counts.