Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night Options

It's 8:00 in the evening and the temperature has dropped to 95. Hot day. I thought I'd go down for the Friday Night Concert in the Park but the heat has just wore me thin. Did some food shopping for Burningman at Trader Joe's today while the motor home was in the shop getting a new vent installed. I thought we would simply duct tape up the holes to prevent any playa dust from getting inside but it was was worst than I thought. Jerry has a gig tonight and I'm thinking of going out dancing to Albino who is playing just down the street. Some of my Peace Camp mates phoned to let me know what was up so I just might join them. Then again, it's been a long day and Swingtown is on CBS at 10:00. I'm really enjoying that show a lot. Maybe I'll call a certain friend to see if he would like to come over and join me. It sounds pretty good to just kick back and relax at home and maybe, if I'm feeling industrious, I'll get a bit more packing done.

Ok, this is weird. I just this minute discovered bunch of old You Tube videos that I tried posting at various times over the last few months to this blog but they never came through--except they have just appeared on my blog. I have to go check them out now. Strange.

Here are some of my 1970's swinger friends, Roger & Janet, Trina & Tom, Susan & Bruce. Ha. It's a good show, really it is.

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