Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They Have Penetrated My Heart

I worked at the college all day and then had clients tonight. Afterwards, I walked to the local downtown hot spot and eat a wonderful salad called Pink Lady with a glass of wine. It was hopping and the bartender didn't have a moments rest. Schools in. I'm home now, checking email and relaxing for a moment before I get up to do some organizing and packing. I had a little date last night that involved a few kisses...I wonder where that will lead? Tonight I'm so filled with love for two of the men in my life--my beautiful, sensual, so there for me husband, and my long lost love that has abandoned me, that I've abandoned, that I'm so annoyed with that I could spit. What else can I say? They have both penetrated my heart. And, I'm so fucking excited to be leaving for Burningman in only 4 days! My heart is happy.

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