Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Busy Sunday And All The Chocolate I Want

Yesterday was significantly cooler than the couple of days preceding it. It was still a hot day but bearable. Jerry and I got up early and went to our storage, organized everything we need for Burningman and loaded up the car with what it could hold. Then we went to Costco and and bought some LED lights and a pair pack of fire extinguishers. I decided that I want to have a blender, fan and electric tea pot to use in the motor home so on Monday I'm going to go see my mechanic and make sure the battery situation is in tip top condition, purchase a new battery if need and perhaps a solar powered panel to recharge it as well.

Today I'm hoping to get a hold list of things accomplished which include taking my mom to the mall so she can get some new panties and bras and anything else that might suit her fancy. This morning I've already cleaned out my freezer and threw out a bunch of old food from the refrigerator to make room for the almost 13 pounds of chocolate I bought at Trader Joe's the other day. Yes, I know that sounds a bit excessive but I got this wild hair that inspired me to bring chocolate to the playa this year and I even bought this little thermal carrying case and some refreezable ice packets to keep it from melting as we are wheeling around in the sun on our bikes. I have milk, semisweet, and dark (72%) to satisfy a variety of chocolate desires.
Then God said "Let there be CHOCOLATE"; and there was chocolate. God saw that the chocolate was GOOD; and separated the light from the dark.
My friend Ren asked me why I didn't get any white chocolate and I had to explain to her that white chocolate isn't really chocolate at all. She told me to suck her chocCLIT.

My friend D. just called and there is a costume shop/Burningman yardsale happening right down the street and she's on her way to pick me up. Have a beautiful Sunday, I plan to.

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