Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Color and Texture

I spent a good portion of today in preparation for Burningman. First off I got our motor home re-smoged (second time since June) which did me absolutely no good and the DMV made me have it checked out by a CHP officer as there was a problem with the VIN number. Many hours later we were nearly good to go. One more trip to the DMV tomorrow. Later I saw clients and packed clothes for the playa.

These pictures reflect some of the things I've been up to this summer.
First are the new curtains and reupholstered cushions I've made for the motor home. I'm so pleased with all the colors and textures.

Next is a dog's eye view of the ocean in Santa Barbara.

And a couple of pictures of the the Santa Barbara court house along with a view of the rooftops.

We visited this wonderful little yarn shop in Santa Barbara and I couldn't resist this beautiful silk yard with glass beads. I tried leaving the store without it but it stuck to my hand. I'm knitting a scarf to go with one of my outfits at Burningman. This is a picture of the yarn rolling machine, rolling my new yarn into a ball.

My little altar at D. and R.'s with my treasures from the ocean.

And my Burningman scarf in progress.

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Greenwoman said...

Ooh! I just love that yarn!! Beautiful rich fabrics. You've got good taste. I am sure it will feel good to stay in your motor home while at Burning Man. Yay for you. Always wonderful to have a good nest when doing something spiritual.