Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Rocket Science

As my friend Pema recently said:
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that being in relationship with you is all about going deep. The soul knows what it's getting itself into.
That said, I'm not an incredibly high maintenance person that makes unreasonable demands on my partners. I mean, going deep just comes with the territory of truth, love, sex, and freedom--yes?

I really don't like discovering that I'm the only one who actually jumped in and now I'm left swimming back to shore alone.

Well as long as I'm out here in the middle of the ocean I might as well dive down deep. I've donned my mermaid tail for strength and I'm curious to see what treasures I may find.

Plus, just to make sure my intention is clear. I am more than willing to jump off into deep uncharted waters--I'll do just about anything for the adventure of love and enlightenment. And I'll brave the storms that come along too. But let it be known that I want a good part of my adventures to be relaxing on the warm sandy beach of a calm ocean.


Greenwoman said...

Love the images you picked for this one...and I liked what Pema said. *smiles* I think she's right.

Gillette said...

That Pema's one smart cookie, yes?

Diving deep. Reflections. Mermaid tails and the ocean of emotions.

Go for the salt, Gal. It's purifying one of the most courageous people I know. Your heart will carry you even though right now it's an open wound.

Much love your way.

I AM ANOTHER said...

Yes, the images are nice huh Greenwoman. How are you?! Well, I agree with Pema too, it just comes with the territory of who I am but ya know, it's not like I just always digging and diving deep on purpose! I mean, that's my intention for sure but I like things light and easy too. I'm not all that fond of drama but dammit, it comes with relationships and love relationships always bring up our stuff. That's a given. We know this going in, right? Much love to you.

Gillette. Pema is definitely one smart cookie. YES! Yep, I'm going for the damn salt. It is healing me. Dammit. Sometimes it just hurts so much. My heart is a trooper and is carrying me. It's bleeding, it'cracked open and wounded right now but it's not broken. Pumping strong. Lots of life force. Lots of sweet love. Love is just so sweet it baffles me so! Thanks for your love. Always.