Friday, June 19, 2009

My Freedom Ritual

Let Freedom Ring.

Today I'm celebrating my freedom. That is nothing new or unusual in and of itself as I have a fairly intent focus on living authentically free most days. But I've been feeling a bit trapped lately, unable to break free of the chains that bind me, and when that happens I know just the ritual to free my spirit. I've performed this ritual several times in the past. It used to happen about every 10 years or so but it's only been 3 1/2 years since the last one.

So my energy has been a bit stuck and I've been feeling the calling. When my emotions get all kinked up in my body, it keeps the love from flowing freely. When this happens I know it's time to get serious about letting go of what I think I want and move into wanting and rejoicing in what is, whatever it is. It's about trusting the universe. Trusting myself. Trusting others. Trusting love.

My intention:

Letting go so love can flow.
Releasing old stagnant energy.
Cutting out ego stories.
Freeing myself energetically from everything that isn't true.
Setting down my burdens. Why carry all this extra weight?
Being bold.
Exposing myself...Go ahead, bite me in the neck...Hard...Leave your mark on me...Make me bleed...Bruise me. Hurt me if you must... I can take it... I like it even... To a point...It's sexy when you're strong like that... I know when to stop you if you don't know when to stop yourself.
Admitting my desire for tenderness.
Letting go of distrust.
Releasing into trust.
Owning the power of my femininity.
Having the strength to be vulnerable.
Untangling myself from the lies.
Willingness to tell the truth.
Down sizing.
What am I hiding from with all this stuff (hair)?
Making things simpler.
Taking it in stride.
Going with the flow.
Planting a seed.
Reveling in my nakedness.
Graciously receiving the choices of another.
Claiming my independence while acknowledging and fully embracing my interdependence.
Opening to the love that springs forth from freedom.


foxyfrogmomma said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOUR HAIR SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stumbleone said...

Sexy, Stylish and Most Beautiful. Sets my soul on fire. Loving you.

I AM ANOTHER said...

It feels so good foxy! I'm loving it too. Thanks.

Stumble, what can I say. I'm glad. Love you.

Anonymous said...

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