Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Human Journey To Love

I've been contemplating my emotions again and here's what I've learned so far:

Emotions are a whirling, spiraling, energy that course through my body. Feeling my emotions and allowing them to freely run their course, without judgment is one of the greatest and most difficult of lessons that I have been learning in this life. It's a master level course.

Emotions are at the core of what being human is all about. Attraction between two souls ride on our emotions and allow us to create relationships and bond with each other. Emotions are the creative force of the universe. Desire travels on emotion, moving energy from the ethereal mind through the physical body to create in the material world.

Felt emotions evolve us, heal us, teach us to love. Love is the greatest of all emotions but we cannot experience the flow of love without the flow of the other emotions also. That's the basis of what being human is all about--feeling our emotions and integrating our animal nature with our divine nature.

Love and fear are the emotions that sit at each end of the human spectrum. We vacillate back and forth between these two extreme experiences. Stuck emotions (emotions we don't allow ourselves to fully feel/experience) devolve us, poison us, and send us to the fear filled end. Each and every emotion that arises within us must be allowed and fully embraced (not tightly held on to, but not ignored or pushed aside) as it holds within it the potential for our healing, the fulfillment of our greatness, which is ultimately, to reside in, and create from, a space of love.

Emotions are spiraling vortexes--this is actually what a chakra (energy center in the body) is. Spiraling waves of energy located in different areas of the body. We must focus our intention, and continually practice allowing this energy to move freely through us, to consciously and purposely feel it. As we open to these spiraling vortexes of energy and allow our emotions to run clear, our minds clear and we open to the miracle of our vast human potential. We open to the power and pure joy of love.

It's not an easy process, a road less traveled by many, but a journey that must, eventually be taken by all.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

wah great info thk for sharin, i would like to share my yoga knowledge to u too

I AM ANOTHER said...

Thank you Yoga Tramp. I'll go check out your site. Blessings.

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