Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fluttering Within My Chest

I want to be worth the trouble I cause to those I love. Trusting love seems to be tied up with trusting my worthiness to be loved. Trusting my worthiness to love.

Freedom in love requires acceptance of another's choices. But sometimes their choices are like salt on a wound. I'm feeling my love wound.
“There is a thing, like a bird, weak and fluttering within my chest, I cradle it and care for it as anyone should an injured thing, yet, I silently pray for it's death.” Gabriel Swann


Gillette said...

I so admire your bravery in being willing to love not only another but also yourself.

Hugs...salt on wounds helps them heal better, cleaner, more quickly. May the salt make it savory ;)


hehehe...word verification= "skies"

I AM ANOTHER said...

Thanks Gillette. I know, huh?!

Salt is a powerful medicine. I was thinking that as I wrote this. Sometimes things just hit me so hard and I need a little time to adjust and keep the love flowing for both myself and another. You know, I was needing some comfort in that moment, wishing the salt had been dissolved in warm water first for a soothing wash. My life is sweet. I'm fortunate to have so much love. Sometimes I just feel so fucking deeply. And I love to feel. I'm willing to be uncomfortable for love too. I've learned enough at this point in my life to know that love will certainly make me uncomfortable at times. It comes with the territory. So be it.

cindy said...

oh adrienne, as usual you totally nail it. As I posted elsewhere, definely feeling all of it and more. Today felt like a million years long, wondering, imagining, cringing. At least in this I am not

I AM ANOTHER said...

Cindy, Yep. Feeling and feeling. I'm getting better and better at it and yet it's so intense. So human. Wanting what I want and yet accepting what is, which is not always what I want. Wondering, imagining, cringing, and all at the same time trying to stay out of the stories and just feel it.