Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Long Way Baby

I visited with my son and granddaughter today. She'll be four years old in August. We picked cherries together off my tree and she was intent on putting many in a bag to take home to her mommy. I fed her some of the leftover homemade bread I made from my new bread machine on Sunday, which turned out quite lovely thank you. She's likes toast with butter and nutritional yeast. I got her mommy hooked on eating yeast on everything when she lived with me for a year. Maybe my son who grew up eating like that had some influence in that department also.

Another grandson's birthday party today and then I'm off to see clients and then I have a dinner date with a friend. Looking forward to that.

I'm feeling both languid and antsy today. I need to do errands before the party but I'd rather just lay around and read. I'm thinking of a friend's daughter who is playing the victim role in an abusive relationship and I want her to get out. But I know that she won't leave until she's done doing whatever it is that she's doing and that's not soon enough for me. I've been there and done that myself and I have used up all my patience for that sort of thing. Part of me just wants to drive over there, walk in the door, tell her it's over and then kick his sorry ass out of the house. But of course, it's not my business to tell her anything or to kick his sorry ass anywhere and besides, he's bigger than me so I won't be doing that. Instead, I'll blog about it and offer up great appreciation and gratitude that I'm not choosing to live like that anymore. I've come a long way baby and eventually, so will she.


Gillette said...

I bet her mother is in quite the tizzy.

Perhaps if we both go over there?????

I'm so happy you are past this. I wish she would see that what you have is possible for her, too.

R said...

Three of us are bigger.

Greenwoman said...

LOL! You three would scare the jeebus out of any man with the merest grain of sense. *winks*

Adrienne Parker said...

How bout all 4 of us head on over?