Monday, March 30, 2009

Juicy Women in Sex, Love, and Relationship

Both my husband and K. have recently asked me about my Juicy Women, missing the lack of an update on my last check in with them. Here ya go guys.

Juicy Women update:

Molly is having sex with her husband again. She was getting over the top horny. They seem to be slowly working on mending their relationship. Sleeping in the same bed again...

Randi is in love with another married man and hoping for a better outcome this time. She's about three months out of the last one. The sex with her new guy has been hot but now they are on a temporary hiatus so he can get on with the business of leaving his wife who hasn't had sex with him for years, with less distraction. This is Randi's idea, not his. They have been friends for years but just recently started being lovers.

Pema is still choosing to be monogamous with her lover who isn't much interested in having sex with her. She admits that it's not much of a problem for her as she is feeling pretty non juicy at this time. Most of her energy is caught up in survival mode, wondering how she will pay the bills. She loves her guy a lot and is pretty much just being in the moment with enjoying this love while many of the other everyday matters of their life and relationship aren't in such great shape. He is gone right now, staying with his wife (yes, he is married also) attending to some family matters and working, working, working as always, trying to make a business deal come to fruition so they will have some time and money to relax into.

Lena continues letting go of her old boyfriend who sucked her emotions and her finances dry. She is experiencing a lot of shame in regards to how much of herself she gave away in order to have the companionship of a man who couldn't meet her.

Ana is off and about on an adventure with her new beau. Is it true love Ana? Ana met this guy online and had a lovely week long rendezvous with him at her place several weeks ago and is now staying with him at his place. This is a long distance relationship and he is very different than any man she's ever been with but they are very spiritually and sexuality in sync. She seems to be enjoying the moments with him and she has dropped sex with her other lovers for this monogamously minded man. So far, so good.

Rosemary is fed up with her perceived happiness being dependent on whether the men in her life are pleasing her in the ways she prefers being attended to. Then again, she is receiving quite a lot of pleasing so she's happy, being the decadent pleasure seeker that she is.

Then there are other women in my life. Here are the stories of a few:

Stella loves and is committed to her sweet boyfriend but is also fed up with monogamy and wants some kinky sex.

Jana is struggling in a relationship, dealing with the "plenty of love but not enough time" aspect of polyamorous relationships.

Laura is crazy jealous of her lover's friendship and affection towards other women and wants to control him. He, as most men (and women) I know, don't take very kindly to, and resist being controlled. She is also not very interested in sex. He is. These things do not bode well for their relationship.

Gina struggles with jealousy and intense control issues while dealing with her husband's attention on his other lover. Their love is strong. Their sex life is almost nil.

Dena has sworn off men after divorcing her cheating husband whom she had refused to have sex with for years.

Missy is pursuing men every which way and they seem to be coming out of the woodwork to date her. She is enjoying having sex with many of them while still hoping to settle down with one of them, sooner than later.

Women in their nakedness. Exposing it all in sex, love, and relationship.

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