Thursday, April 2, 2009

Confident, Comfortable, and Sexy

Last night I dreamed I found a photo of me when I was a young woman, 19 years old. I don't remember who took the photo (it was a real photo) but I was naked, reclining in a chair and it was an awesome picture of me in my youthful beauty. My body wasn't "perfect" as model's bodies go (even before they have been airbrushed) but it was pretty damn hot. I loved that picture.

It was during this time that I actually had an interview with Playboy Magazine when they were in Chico (voted by same magazine as #1 party town in the United States at the time) and I modeled my body for them. It never went any further than that--like I said, my body really wasn't up to par with society's standard of what physical and sexual beauty looked like, (I had already given birth to my first child and had some decent stretch marks to prove it and they had a whole college of beautiful young women to choose from) but I was very thin while somehow maintaining some voluptuous curves (at 5' 10" I weighted about 120 lbs). I really loved my body at that time and felt very confident, comfortable, and sexy, inside of it.

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