Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Wasting Its Potential

For the time being I am experiencing a sense of over exposure. I'm not deleting this blog (for now anyway) and who knows, tomorrow I may post more intimate and revealing stuff about myself that will add to my feelings of vulnerability. But then again, I may not be posting much original heart stuff that exposes the oh so tender and human parts of who I am for awhile. I've enjoyed the process of transparent truth telling but I am definitely feeling more private these days. Depending on my mood of the moment I may post darkly cynical and sick jokes that make me laugh and relieve the pressure of what hurts in my life. Or maybe I'll go for Rumi or Hafiz when the love overwhelms me.

I'm not joking about my, smart phone. I love to say, "My phone is smarter than I am." You'd think I would take the time to read the manual or watch the DVD that came with it. But no. It still gets the best of me sometimes and I'm wasting its potential that justified spending the big bucks on it to begin with.

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