Saturday, March 28, 2009


I enjoyed a recent twitter post by Mistress Matisse-- "Oh poly is complex at times. Especially at conferences - hotel rooms make who's-sleeping-where logistics just that much more complicated!" She was at a conference with her primary partner Max, his girlfriend Puck, her secondary partner Monk, and I think Monk's wife Tambo was also there. Now how far reaching their poly network actually stretches out with all the various partners, I don't know, but I've seen some diagrams of extended poly families that are pretty amazing. Another of Matisse's twitter posts mentioned champagne in bed with her, Max and Puck so maybe that was a solution to one of the sleeping arrangements for one of the nights?

If you've ever watched the L Word, they have a diagram like this called "The Chart" which connects all the various lovers who are infamous for their capacity to move through serial monogamous relationships. The contrast of this diagram when compared with what (some) poly folk have created is that the poly folk are working to create sustainable relationships (actual extended families) over the long term. Who's-sleeping-where may make for complex logistics at times but what really matters most to me is who's really connected and involved and not only loving their own lovers, but working to open their hearts and minds more and loving their lover's lovers and their lover's lover's lovers...and the far reaching effect that all this love can have on our world.

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