Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Love--On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Greenwoman made this comment on my In Love post below and I thought it deserved the honor of its own post:

"There is a Sufi practice...

It is a zikir practice. That is to say that it is a practice of yearning and answering the call for Divine union...a practice that explores being at One.

This particular practice explores Love, Lover and Beloved.

Love resting quite simply in the heart, rising, surveying the state of consciousness as Love impresses and expresses itself as Lover and then raises consciousness into Beloved union which is all forms of love and all expressions of love.

It is a paradoxical practice...and I think its been teaching me that Love is not something that can be boxed or defined. We can term it for a time so that some aspect may be better understood, but the essence of it is Life in its most blessed form...and Life/Love will always burst free of its bonds into something More.

It seems to me that's what we all really burst free of our bonds, whatever they may be."

from Heaven On Earth--This is the site that seems to be most related to what Greenwoman is speaking of.

Zikir from wikipedia.

Zikir from Vigil for the Earth--Creating a Culture of Peace

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