Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebrating Life

My shoulders are sore and tired.
I finally washed all the dishes.
Have most of my Christmas presents finished.
My house is messy yet again.
I've been bleeding and bleeding and bleeding.
Started another cycle on day 25,the day before Solstice
when heading into the longest night of the year.
Deep red flowing blood. Lots of it. This is day three.
Happy to see both of my birthday boys today.
Worried about the other two.
Need to visit with my mom tomorrow (today, it's 1:26 am)
and give her a manicure so her nails are clean and pretty for Christmas Eve.
Excited about the way the grandkid's presents are turning out.
Missing my eldest daughter.
Thankful for the one who is around and being sweet.
Pleased to be seeing my brother and his family
and glad they are always willing to make the drive in the dreaded Tully fog.
Wish I would hear from my sister.
Wish I would hear from my eldest son.
Happy to be spending a mellow Christmas day with H.,
and then being invited for Christmas dinner with my sweet ones.
Boxing day brings some party time with Lover Who Is My Lover and his family, friends.
Giving thanks.

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