Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More On The One-Penis-Policy

Mistress Matisse has, it seems, received a lot of fallout from her One Penis Policy, column in Seattle's Stranger, that I linked too a few days ago.

It's just that I resonate with so much of what she has to say about relationships in general and polyamorous relationships specifically. Here's a quote from her new post today regarding this fallout:

"...Frankly, I think that type of attitude should not be dignified with the name polyamory.

If the original piece pissed you off, what I’m going to say now will really inflame you: Just because two people are engaged in a certain system of behavior does not make it “all right, because it’s their choice.” There actually is such a thing as a bad personal choice.

So yes, I do think there are better ways and worse ways to run a relationship. Outside of consensual D/s, I think it’s inherently better to have as few “rules” as possible for other adult human beings that one is having an equal partnership with. I think that’s being controlling – not in the sexy way – and I think it negatively impacts both people involved.

I think if there’s an obvious inequity in the relationship, it should at the very least be openly discussed, and it should be a goal for both people to bring about a change to that.

And I think the basis for the One Penis Policy is basically insecurity and sexism.

Now, feeling of insecurity and sexism are both pretty common (to both men and women), and neither of those things makes someone a Bad Person. But they are traits that can be changed, and being less insecure and less sexist will make someone a better person.


VeezKnight said...

OPP... MEN, it's how many men think, but happily, not all of us.

Emma Kelly said...

Hi Adrienne,

I read her comments, too, and thought she made perfect sense. I shouldn't make any global comments about men, being one myself, but I often feel embarrassed by my brethren who seem to go brain dead at the first whiff of strange pussy.


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