Monday, August 10, 2009

The Contrast of Here and There

This morning I woke feeling jealous of how some people have really managed to pull it off--jumping into their whole polyamorous, extended family, busy, adventurous, love filled, complicated lives, with peace and grace.

Breathing and practicing appreciating the glory of what I have created myself. Damn, sometimes it's difficult not going to the grass is always greener place.

Looking for some inspiration today in handling the contrast of where I am and where I want to be.


foxyfrogmomma said...

sometimes one must be wholy where they are before the future can develope as it would.As a seed is a seed long before it grows into the tree.

Emma Kelly said...

Hi Adrienne,

Having someplace to go, a vision of where you want to be, isn't negative. We all get impatient. But what for?


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Greenwoman said...

Mmm...Ever ready any Eckhart Tolle? That'd be my advice.


I AM ANOTHER said...

foxy, so true. It's exactly what I've found. being here and now is my launching pad into the future. Many of my seeds are still germinating.

Thanks Scott. BTW. I just love reading about your and Em's adventures. Yes, sometimes I am SO impatient. I want what I want and I want it now. I have to remember to slow down and breathe. Timing is everything. What for you ask? My oh so human inability to accept what is right here right now.

Greenwoman. I adore Eckart Tolle!