Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Heart Ceremony

We performed the One Heart Ceremony at the Endangered Species Faire today, in the rain. The performance happened on the stage without the puppets rather than out in the middle of the faire on the ground with ten times the space. We had to adapt a lot and the scraps on the cutting room floor were piled high. But the show must go on whenever possible and we made that happen. It was what it was and it was awesome, if not the full shebang. We were delighted to perform and the audience (those hardy hardcore souls who braved the weather) was pleased too.


Blue Electric Storm said...
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Blue Electric Storm said...

Amazing costumes and it possible to have the text of the performance?

I AM ANOTHER said...

Yes. It was a amazing all around. I don't have the text myself but it was created around the concept of peace and unity--all peoples on the planet coming together as the elements of nature do. It starts off with a beautiful prayer and I'd love to post it if I can get it and get permission to do so. I'll check into it. Thanks for asking Blue.