Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Absence

Even coming into this blog is difficult for me right now. I'm sort of stuck. It's not writer's block. And I have many posts in the making, in my mind. For example:

Love and Freedom --I've already written on this but there is more.
Primary/Secondary relationships--ditto.
Hierarchy and physical/sexual possessiveness in poly relationships.

And there's more but I'm feeling very vulnerable with a need for privacy. I feel like hiding. I DON'T WANT TO HIDE. I'm in a a peculiar position. A discombobulating conundrum. Ha. This is not a place I expected to find myself in and I'm finding that I just need to live out this tender and delicate heart stuff. I'm saying what needs to be said to those I love. Well, as I know what that is. Just trying to breathe and not put too much stock ego stories.

Other than all this, life is great. All is good (well, most is good) and I am happy. Some things are just a bit difficult to sort out.


Gillette said...

Loving you no matter how hidden or out there you are. Hugs...

I AM ANOTHER said...

I know you do Gillette. And your love is a huge support to me. Hugs and love back at ya.