Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boundaries Based on Lies

Tonight Pema and I gave our first talk in a monthly series of Conscious Relationships, Conscious Sex talks called Sexuality as a Spiritual Path.  I think it went very well.  Twelve people showed up, 8 women and 4 men.  Today I read from a book called, The Enlightenment Imperative, given to me by my friend Lena.  It's written by, The Syntropy Group and edited by Mary Beth Brangun & James Heddle.  It's my opinion that the book isn't very well written.  The words are static and there is no fluidity to the reading.  When I finish with a short paragraph, I never know what I've read.  I have to back track and break it down.  But the information is good.  I like what they say about sexual maturity as " attitudinal maturation that recognizes and affirms the many forms that loving, openhearted, mutually affirming, and nurturing relationships can take."  I will write more on this later but for tonight I'm tired and need to curl up next to my husband and sleep.  And dream.

I worked on my Solstice Image Box some more tonight and added my second image.  It's an old Eastern Indian art picture of Radha Krsna that I found in my storage that I planned on burning in the solstice fire.  But then the image called to me, so I saved it.  Tonight, after the talk it seemed even more fitting, representing my passion for all that polyamory means to me--an opportunity for transcending the constraints of my wounded ego, boundaries of jealousy and possessiveness I have built, based on lies.  This divine couple represent celebration of the erotic and the cultivation of love, open-heartedness, kindness, compassion, and the shared pleasure of lovers which is the foundation of spiritual evolution.


Greenwoman said...

Its a beautiful image...and so are you. *smiles*

I AM ANOTHER said...

And so are you Greenwoman.