Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have Mercy

All this jealous energy! Goodness. Breathing. It's good. Yes. I ask for this, right? It brings to me blog. That's good. Jealousy inspiring my writing I see. Okay.

He asked her if she wanted to be his lover? I think that's what he said--or meant?

Who wouldn't want to be her lover? She is beautiful. Sexy. Smart. Sweet. Salty. And those breasts. Nice body. I like her. A. Lot.

And then his dream. Hummm.

But then right after he reveals all this he tells me he doesn't know if he'll have time for me this weekend.



All is good.

But sometimes I feel insecure. Just want to know I'm loved.

But then, I know that.

No doubt.

Just want to know he's in love.

With me.

Don't know that.

Maybe nothing to know.

Lord. Have mercy on me.


Pagan Topologist said...

Compersion follows a zig-zag path sometimes doesn't it? Thank you for sharing this. I am glad to see you post again. I was missing your insights.


Greenwoman said...

The distinction between loving and being in love...

There's sure some jazzy stuff there huh?

I love your honesty and courage about writing beautiful lady. You are special and amazing. I'm blessed to know you. *smiles*

I AM ANOTHER said...

Thanks Pagan, Yes it certainly does. As long as no fear comes up around me getting what I want, then I'm happy to share! Ha. Fear kills all the fun. Can't love and fear at the same time.

Greenwoman, Yes, loving and being in love. Is that a crazy distinction? Certainly some very jazzy stuff there, no doubt. It just means something different. I contemplated it a lot before and blogged about it. Did I ever come to a conclusion? ;)

It's good to "be back". Don't know if I am actually back but it would be very nice to be writing again. Maybe I will!

I AM ANOTHER said...
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I AM ANOTHER said...
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SisterJulia said...

How these wobbles amaze and confuse me :D
I like to think that if the world became poly it would be experiencing these moments that would create the greatest compassion and gentleness in us for each other.

Huge Gratitude for this post:)