Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Antsy Wanting

Feeling antsy today. Been enjoying decluttering and organizing, and doing a little simple redecorating in my house which has been lovely but today I want to go on a vacation to a warm sunny place and relax and have sex with my husband and Lover Who Is My Lover-alone and together-and be double penetrated until I'm overflowing and fully taken and claimed and then sleep curled up around both of them. I want a deep, intense massage and to soak in a hot tub and swim in the warm ocean and lay on the beach and read. I want to do yoga outside, ride a bike and dance and dance and dance. I want to listen to music and meditate and eat fresh food and laugh with girlfriends. I want to play, and hike, and see new things and meet interesting people and have stimulating conversations.

Think I'll go clean out a cupboard.

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Stumblebum said...

i'm in {no pun intendit}